Donations is all about charity not your interest to be volunteer.

True volunteer is someone wants to make the things better and getting better the way should be. Not your interest but your heart giving back to kids. Yes, I was kid that’s why people needs to be more equally each other of you not Brazil. But all over the world even Portugal to Middle East and North America. We are great idealistic vision to make better so give back to Ms Julinda Kasper (President of Andres Kasper Institute). Food and Water is golden and diamond. I am not jesus but i was elected to be have gratitude and more friendly. Paypal is open for donations. GoFundMe is big issue because the problem is the taxes 6% of taxes is not charity is sucking packets. All system in near future will be Stripe (Mansão do Caminho has that system to be more currency world wide). And NFT creating design at school and sell to be more profit to their education performance. Food, Nutrition everything. Takes time but should be more friendly. Life goes and people still the same. Bank Of America has local account at State of Florida. If some people wants to give they can make local deposit. Maria (Our Office Assistant) will take care of that until i will come to Florida. Until now make your heart bless. It’s not only Diogo can make things website and money system to flow the money people in Brazil should be more collaborative each one of them. I am Polyvalent (polivalente) which means in Portugal after people getting hired they can make more functionality inside i learn that here and United States. Here in Portugal is simple ‘Pay you for that’s it’ is same in United States of America. Discipline very hardworker. If someone here doesn’t work ok ‘Porta da casa ta aberta, Eu pago o depois e vai a tua vida É ASSIM MILAGRES.’ Brazil has that issue i can’t talk. In Europe and United State, UK is same the thing only in Brazil issue is that they said ‘vixii quero que eu faça isto e aquilo. Então venham ver os abeis e depois vejam eu não faço milages cada faça o sua parte em conjunto’. GoFundMe the money is stuck there because of the ‘goal’ is not right for non profit make. All charity system will make more less taxes and more profit. If is someone touch of the I after June 2024 i will fly emergency my ESTA is expired after June of this year. I have all power with me that’s why people can’t touch in the name. If someone buy i will call the Homeland Security here US and in Portugal and make more clear the things.

  • Kind Regards ( Diogo Vitor Volunteer from Portugal )

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