About the Kasper family and its mission

The Kasper family and its mission with its goal of creating love In the South of Brazil

Our mission is to give love and care, and above all, charity is one of the most important things in our world. The Kasper family plays its role as the citizen of each child to obtain a good access to education for the children and to serve our poor who need an affordable education.

Video that represents our infrastructure and its areas covered with nature and recognition of our children’s home!

Our 4,000sqm structure stands on 48,000sqm of clean, green nature where children can safely explore the world around them and discover new interests they’ll carry forward into their futures.

Inside, they’re greeted by a warm, nurturing environment that encourages personal development and strives to make learning fun. Our staff and volunteers are genuinely passionate and strive, every day, to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive education that’s has tuition-fee.

The school opened in 2009. It offers full-service educational programs and facilities with a capacity for approximately 400 children. School hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Traditionally in Brazil, children aged 6 to 15 are considered elementary students. We’ve extended this range to include children aged 4 to 16; this helps parents and guardians, who often work long hours outside the home, focus on improving their own personal and professional situations while knowing their children are in a safe space and caring hands.

Our activities at our school.

All standard academic subjects

All our children have a goal, even at the beginning of their school journey. Everything has its time. Learning comes in due time, you just have to believe in the meaning of learning and always reach good levels.

– From a mentor to a mentee – Diogo Vitor his top-level mentor in the space”. It’s the passion for the product and the status quo

Music Lessons

The whole music industry has its talents, which are the people. Music well sung and played we all will feel the high and low sounds. We have to know that without music there is no quality of life, even at the beginning of a child’s life, music is always present in our lives. And learning is the best way we are and want, but one can also have a talent for writing footnotes.


Art and painting is not just something in a painting, it is something that you feel, the design itself is a way to express your person and your creativity, to feel with heart and thought, these are the greatest qualities of a great painter, to feel the design and express it. Not even science itself can capture this quality, nor has study but the feeling of design.

Foreign-language studies

One of the world’s greatest qualities is to know how to reach and communicate with people from any continent, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America. The way we live today has a vast advantage in that technology will facilitate the medium regardless of where you go. That is important to understand but knowing is important.

Physical education

Our body needs movement because it is a machine, so it doesn’t stand still, it is in motion, just like a car or a stroller to get to its place, and when the child believes it is growing, it can go anywhere with its mother, but it all starts with the fact that they are already in independent physical shape to become athletes, personal trainers, and an essentially healthy life, that is the balance.

Cultural appreciation

Like every culture we have different environments, different habits, even if we are indigenous people, Arabs, Egyptians or any other culture that follows to learn about such sharing of its orientation. We all have to learn about the past and the present today, to study what has been done and to improve its existence.


Regardless of the religion oriented when you know yourself from your beliefs what is most oriented to you or your kindness and love to follow your path. But to always follow with love for others, to have the charity to believe, regardless of your beliefs.

Environmental awareness

Our planet, anywhere in the world, always requires good environmental practices. We are humans, we need our environmental resources, to know how to “separate the wheat from the chaff”. Everything has a purpose.

Our main active volunteers