About another domain – ( andreskasperinstitute.org )

Hello, everyone. After the Freedom of Liberty, my country is shaking. But I’m already shaking. I’m going to buy after May 26, US time. Florida ( andreskasperinstitute.org ). Don’t anyone buy it because I want to centralize all .org to .com.br to be better… it costs to live but it costs to know how to live. Preverbio from Portugal.

The domain will remain function after May once i will buy because is registered already in that name in Florida. We can’t make is offline after that if someone buy i will make clear to be face me. (No one can’t steal the domain i will see everything to make the person pay it for that). Maria is office assistant it will take care of that if someone buy the domain with Diogo Vitor (Volunteery) or Ms Julinda Kasper (President of Andres Kasper Institute) and his lawyer Bruno Kasper.

  • Diogo Vitor (Volunteery). I’m not more than anyone else, I just like to help and make a difference in the lives of children and the future of today. I was a child once. It’s not easy. Gold food and diamond water. Here.
  • [Updated DNS spreading on the internet after expired ] – Expired Date and Hour: 2024-05-26 / 21:33:59. when it’s available to buy again . I don’t which are is State if it Florida local hours or California. But will take some more 48 hours or 72 hours to expired and buy again. After the hour. I mention above.
  • [Everyone can track living our earthquake] – https://www.ipma.pt/pt/geofisica/sismicidade/ , We are the now on earth most shaking country in the world after North Africa.
All information about Corporation in US mainland is here Annual Report 2024 – 02/23/2024 — ANNUAL REPORT

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