Kosbit is almost outdated with WordPress

It’s already updated WordPress core and Some plugins will not function.

  • Always i have my own hosting (two servers on the cloud PTisp Portuguese company my partner hosting.
  • I don’t do for the noney but for charity itself. Helping people what they needed with quality!
  • So another hosting it will be hosted on Windows Server (IIS), it more quality programmed groundzero takes time but. I need to created my own blogging and charity system.
  • In Separate time will make publicly on international website (colegiokasper.org) take time. I don’t want anymore wordpress is garabage engine and php.
  • I will make more modern sophisticated web in Django, Python and Fomantic-UI (older version is Semantic-UI). The design look outside to inside.
  • Web Dev Sec and HackerDiogo Morgado (The website it will in near future hosted in Portugal). Safer and locked with me. Appreciate Julinda Kasper for his patience but i need more time to organize and take care of myself.
  • [UPDATED] – I will share later GPT Teams (Artificial Intelligence from OpenAI), each teacher can use. Until now i can’t at moment. Can be use for Classroom and researching. It’s assistant itself is not 100% zero learning process if you look at tutorial (Prompting Engineering) it will be helpful! Since grok is made i was beta tester inside (early access) and now is publicly. And Grok1 is opensource. At moment ALL IA is LLM itself! So be aware of mistakes. It’s not quantum computing! use your brain now not LLM dataset ! British and Spanish people i have here class’es they are best on it.

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